The Culture and Leisure Sector has three divisions: the Culture Division, the Sports Division and the Youth Division. The Youth Division operates a network of over 60 facilities around the city, which youth organizations and groups can reserve for their use.

Around 40 of our facilities are youth houses and among them are community centers, media space (Hattumedia), Gloria Cultural Arena, motor garages, Children’s Traffic Town, domestic animal farm (Fallkulla), Nature House, rock workshop, Adventure House, summer camps and islands.

This site is concentrated on the environment, – nature, – and adventure services that the Youth Division offers in Helsinki.

Bengtsårin leirisaari – Bengtsår Camping Island
Granön leirisaari – Granö Camping Island
Laajasalon nuorisotalo – Laajasalo Youth House
Meriharjun luontotalo, Uutelan kämppä – Meriharju Nature House, Uutela Cabin
Pauligin huvila – Paulig Villa
Seikkailutalo – Adventure House
Vartiosaaren kesätoimintakeskus – Vartiosaari Summer Activity Centre
Östersundomin leirikeskus – Östersundom Camp Centre
Fallkulla Domestic Animal Farm
Kumpula School Garden
Luuppi Jewellery Workshop

The goal is to establish a close relationship with nature, learn ways to act for the environment and strengthen the awareness of the environment for young people and children. We want to offer experiences through our nature school days, events, camp activities, courses and we also provide facilities for young people and organizations for their own activities and camps.

The activities are arranged by doing team activities, taking care of animals, gardening, learning how to cook ecologically, grinding jewelry, canoeing, climbing, camping, crafting or even by learning how to do your own nature cosmetic recipes. You can contact our staff to know more.

We also offer our facilities to youth groups, organizations and school groups.

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Youth Division –webpage: more facilities and activities is the Helsinki Youth Division’s webpage. There you can find leisure-time facilities, hobbies, events and tips for young people in Helsinki. MunStadi offers opportunities to influence matters and organize activities in Helsinki.